Who We Are?

General Director

Sara Ayur

Sara is a Mongolian business woman with long-term experience in agroforestry and reforestationt.

-Since 2010 she has been focused on green investments and tree planting through the PPRS

-Founded a number of local NGOs active in the Mongolian reforestation process.

-She is the founder and CEO of GGP.

Nationality: Mongolian


Rolando Polli

Rolando is a Co-founder & Advisor of Ambienta.

-Prior to co-founding Ambienta, Rolando worked for McKinsey & Co for 28 years (1969-1997). During this time he founded the Spanish and Portuguese practices, managed the Italian practice and worked in the Toronto and Geneva offices.

-He served for two years in the Principals’ committee and for eight years in the Directors’ committee.

He served over 100 clients in a variety of industries, including utilities and energy.

Since 1997, he has been active as an investor in the food sector, the internet sector and more recently in the renewable energy sector.

-He was co-founder and the first Chairman of Atmos (2005-2006), a renewable energy investment club.

-He was the main investor and Chairman (2005-) of IGP Ambiente an investment vehicle in renewable energies.

-He is also the founder and Chairman of IGPartners, a consulting / M&A boutique focused on cleantech, renewable energy and climate change mitigation (2004).

Rolando has a degree in Economics from Bocconi University and a PhD in Business and Applied Economics from the University of Pennsylvania (Wharton).

Instructor & Advisor

Dr. Janet Hawkes

-Forestry and ecosystems expert and was one of the principals behind the continued development of cultural practices for High Performance Trees.

-She is an expert in international environmental and agricultural conservation and restoration/reforestation, including integrated approaches such as agroforestry.

-She has  worked in urban forestry with a number of major cities in the U.S. and Canada using High Performance Trees.

-Chief Technology Officer of RPM Ecosystems, Director of the Cornell Educational Resources Program at  Cornell   University , Executive Director of an Environmental Center

-Principal Investigator on a variety of international environmental and agricultural programs in the South Pacific, Asia ( India ,  Philippines ,  China ), Southern Africa, and the  Caribbean .

-Education: PhD, MAT, BS,  Cornell   University .  

-Nationality:  USA .